Village – The soul of India

It was my grandmother’s 68th Birthday! Also, this year was special as my grandfather revolved around the sun for 75 years and my grandparents completed 50 years of successful marriage.

So to celebrate these grandiloquent series of events I choose Village. I visited the venue a day prior to select the right exhibit.
This outlet is managed by My Vijay Kir, he explained me the theme, the activities, and the cuisines. We were given special treatment and priority as we wanted the event to be a grand success. The melodious tunes of Happy Birthday and Happy anniversary brought tears of joy in my grandma’s eyes. And my grandfather’s happiness knew no bounds. Thank you Team Village for the timely announcement of the birthday wishes.

The bucolic entrance makes you feel home. There’s an ape outside for kids to play with. Why go to your native place when your native comes to your city! Inside the restaurant, the entire place is divided in exhibits to light upon the perfect feel of an Indian village.


To start with you have daadi ma-ka-zopada with chulha and bhati.



There’s  a Police Thana with all the famous Bollywood dialogues painted on wall





Carnival Show exhibit


Also there were exhibits like Circus, Akhada, Beauty Parlour, Jail then…

Train station







Activities:- Overall Rating(5/5)

Puppet Show



Musical Chair





Food:- Overall Rating -(3.5/5)

Basically,  4 cuisines available:-
1. Punjabi
2. Gujarathi
3. Rajasthani and
4. South Indian

There are a variety of counters available for chaat, beverages,farsans, dosas/uttapams, pav bhaji, Chinese, marwadi dishes, Gujarati delicacies,chaniya maniya snacks, chole bhatura, desserts and gola station ❤

As soon as you enter, you are greeted with jaljira based welcome drink. Masala Chaas is also available,you can have it post meal too:P

Then comes a chalta phirta chai pakode wala. The starters were quite unique:- Kothimbir wadi, Chinese spring roll, batata vada, mug wade and a few more.

Kothimbir wadi (4/5) – was hot and tasted great with the chutney.

Spring roll(3/5) – The first one which I was served was quite tasty but when I went to the counter for another one it tastes too bland. I know its hard to maintain the taste as on weekends due to the surge in the crowd and heavy demand for starters often the cooks go haywire, but still, the basic taste of each dish should be maintained. I hope this point is well noted.

Batata vada ( 3/5)  – Was pretty average, the pudina chutney made it taste better.

Mug Wada ( 4/5) was nice, crispy and tasted great with tamarind and date based chutney.

Then I went to the Chaat counter as others were yet to start :p Here you see a Bajaj Chetak- the vintage scooter and the bhaiya ready to serve us spicy paani puris, Ragada puris and what not. This counter was always busy due to the mouthwatering taste of Ragada patty(4/5). I found the paani puri (3/5) average, I wish to try bhel, shev puri the next time! I hope they include Dahi Batata Puri.

The smell of Dosas brought to this south Indian counter, where you could get as much cheese as you want in your dosas/uttapams. The available options are Shezwan Dosa, Masala Dosa, Cheese Dosa, BreadToast dipped in dosa batter with cheese.

The Dosa(4.5/5) I had was fluppy and soft and the chutney was yummy, the sambhar also complimented well.

Next, to it, I found dal bhati churma(1/5), I readily grabbed hold of it but was surprised to find the daal burned and too bland, the churma was dipped in ghee but I wish the daal was spicy enough. Same goes with the noodles(2/5) which I had!

Now I thought of having the main course, so off I went to get some Paneer Lababdaar(3.5/5)  and Veg Hyderabadi(4.5/5) both blended in well with the hot and fresh rotis.

Paneer lababdaar needed to be more spicy otherwise was nicely prepared.

All the dishes were continuously under mild heat to ensure the best taste and experience.

Who doesn’t like Chole Bhature(3/5)?? But the one here weren’t Punjabi enough.. Paaji Pind de Chole rakho ! The taste was average , I would suggest the change of spices would make it taste great.

Dhokla (4/5)was nice as I could hardly a couple of pieces as people liked it and emptied the tray 🙂

Then came Rice, the much needed main course. Both Pulao with Dal Takdi and Kadi Khichdi were awesome:D I would highly recommend them (5/5)

Jowar-Kanji is also available!

The farsan counter had all sorts of fry-yum ❤

Lastly, Desserts came to my mind and oh my god there were so many desi options!

Jalebis, Gulab Jamun, Mohan Tal, Moong Dal Halwa, Ice-Golas, Ice-Cream and Paan!

I tried all of them would rate them 4/5.

The all flavor-mixed Ice Gola rejuvenated my mood as I danced to the beats of Zingaat!


Overall it was a heart-warming experience.
Thank you, Vijay Sir for having us. I really enjoyed your service(5/5), every hospitality guy was very dedicated and prompt while serving us. I hope to come soon and try many more dishes.




21 Hill Street

Monday Blues anyone?? 😛

21 Hill Street is a place so embedded with the color blue, that you feel lazy and high as your enter this resto-lounge. Located just next to Chandani Chowk, this place is perfect for workaholics to relax as they come from Hinjewadi , Baner, Pashan and Bavdhan areas.

The charismatic ambiance also gives you a blissful offering of sitting up stairs in the open space, where you get a complete view of Western Pune. The cool breeze rejuvenates you mood !

This Greek theme resto-lounge has ample for space for parking! #ABigThumbsUp

You get three options to sit :-

  1. The one near IPL screenings which is perfect for college students, youngsters and cricket fans in general.
  2. The indoor seating which has a full-fledged bar and couches to relax.
  3. The outdoor terrace sitting up-stairs which has minimalist lighting but airy atmosphere.

It was 9th of May apparently a Tuesday evening when me and blogger buddies arrived at the venue. We were greeted warmly by the owner Ankit Rajani who just got an MBA and opened up this place. Sadly, the place doesn’t have the permission to serve alcohol due to SC’s 500 m rule.

To start with the food we were offered firstly with the Aloo ki Nazakat !


The presentation was quite appealing, a perfect finger-food for vegans. A perfect blend of capsicum,potato and onion fried in rum 🙂 The crispy nature adds to its beauty! The side decoration of raw salads makes it a complete package.


You can ask the waiter to make it a bit more spicy to taste excellent with a beer.

Price :- Rs 220

Rating :- 4/5


Chicken Rozali Kebab 


This kebab had a bitter taste due to over cooked in rum/oil. But overall was perfectly spicy and marinated to make it enjoyable.

Price :- Rs 340

Rating :- 3/5

Murg Mussallam


Like every other murg-mussallam it was juicy but lacked eggs! Good to have with any of the assorted breads.

Price:- Rs 320

Rating :- 3/5


Veg Alfedro Pasta


Pasta was yummy , FULL OF CHEESE! but the garlic bread should have been better!

Price :- Rs 220

Rating :- 3/5


Chicken Verdura Pizza

This pizza was overloaded with chunks of chicken, but was very sweet!


Price:- Rs 300

Rating :- 2/5

Overall had an average experience. The food quality and service could improve as we waited long for the order and got a wrong order, had ordered  a kulcha but got a naan!

The ambiance is really worth appreciation and hopefully this place will start to serve alcohol for evening booze!

A big shout to Ankit Rajani for hosting us! I’d love to visit this place once the pizza gets more spicy 🙂


Vigour Kart – A Path towards a healthy life!!


Fedora invited me to taste some of her unique guilt-free healthy dishes!

Vigour Kart gives you the power to stay healthy and fit and also ensure that you don’t compromise on your taste buds! It’s the best option for Corporate workaholics who don’t have time to go out of their cubicle and have lunch or any other meals.

A 500ml of healthy gastronomical affair is crafted beautifully and sent to your desired address at your desired time! What more would one want?

One can eat this meal part-by-part throughout the day! Ensure good refrigeration for best quality and taste!

So what all has Vigour Kart to offer??



Energy Bites
Ice Creams
Sounds yummy right!! Also very item is gluten free , sugar free, dairy free and most importantly 100% healthy. You get to know about the calories which go in your stomach and also the health benefits. So for people who hate going to the gym Vigour Kart is the one stop destination.

I was offered a variety of dishes which were:-

a.Mango Tender coconut Pudding

b.Raspberry Smoothie (Yogurt)

c.Raw Cocoa Smoothie

d.Berry Blast

e.Gooey Brownie and

f.Raspberry Ice Cream


To begin with lets discuss Raw Cocoa Smoothie


Raw Cocoa smoothie 
With a base of pure Cocoa topped with bananas and garnished with coconut crush, pomegranate seeds along-with chia seeds this smoothie would mesmerize you the pure cocoa flavor and the chia seeds (soaked overnight) gave it a nice crunchy touch. It’s quite heavy and one complete portion of 500 ml would easily suffice your appetite.


A Platter of delicacies…..!! ❤


It was a treat to try the wonderful designed dishes all full of nutrition and health benefits!



Mango Tender Coconut Pudding

The appearance is so mouth watering, That you wanna grab it and put it in your mouth at once… It is served with Alphonso Mango’s small pieces with a coconut pulp base . The Chiua seeds (chia) – “Sabja” makes it perfectly cool and gives a crunchy touch.
The overall combination makes it taste excellent. This smoothie is refreshing, healthy and yummy. #Highly recommended



Gooey Brownie

Who doesn’t love brownies?? Made with coconut oil and dates this brownie is definitely a treat to have! In-spite of being gluten free, dairy free and sugar free this chocolate affair takes you to a guilt-free trip full of pleasure! #GreatOptionForBrownieLovers




Raspberry ice cream
They serve gluten free , diary free authentically flavored ice creams which is quite unique.. The Raspberry was so yummy that I relished its taste in every bite which i had 😀


The brownie was certainly yummy ! #HighlyRecommended


Vigour Kart have monthly packages of 3000-5000 rupees based on the no of days and items to be delivered. Call on +917507358165 to order your Kart full of Health!!

The delivery is assured as Dial-a-Meal are one of the best in town. Vigour Kart should definitely be the game-changer in the health and fitness industry.

I would like to thank Fedora for hosting a healthy foodie affair! #FriendsOftheBteam #EatsLikeAKing

Italy Via Punjab

I was invited by Mr. Hatim Lokandwala to try out the mixed cuisine offered by Italy Via Punjab. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my dear friend Saquib Qureshi of Lazeez Stories fame for recommending me. I was accompanied by Bhakti Rangoonwala (Bhakti Diaries) and Suyog Kankaria (Fatfoodie)


It was beginning of Summer in the month of April when sunsets made Pune look much cooler..! I reached here around 7:30 in the evening and was surprised to be surrounded by cool breezes 🙂
The ambiance of this place is typically of a Dhaba with hand cart in place of tables and bench in place of chair, if you need a back rest then do go inside the Shamiana where you get a personalized seating arrangement with air cooler around.. the graffiti on the walls, the beautiful paintings make you feel home.. apart from outdoor sitting and indoor Shamiana they also have a traditional Italian indoor sitting available just outside the kitchen.


A nice attempt worked out for the ambiance was indeed gave an essence of Punjab and Italy at the same time.


The place gets quite airy in the evening!


To begin with i ordered freak shakes !!! Yum


KitKat shake (130rs)- It looked appealing but wasn’t cold enough… The sweetness was perfect only the milk should have been more cold as the lukewarm taste and smell of the milk was a big turn off…


Oreo shake was slightly sweeter compared to the KitKat shake but it also lacked the coldness! Although for a meagre price of 120rs it was worth it


Then we requested Chef Ninad Joshi, the owner of the restaurant to serve us the best dishes from his craft!

I was excited to taste fusion food as it was the very first time I would try such a cuisine.


Peppered tomato bruschetta (210rs) – it a basically a Punjabi style masala papad.. with nice little garnishing of basil and olives.. The olive oil gave a peculiar taste to this naan and the mozzarella made it taste yum! I was impressed by its appearance and a highly recommend you must try it!


Chicken Olive rolls (230rs) – one of the best starters you could have! It was pesto sauce marinated chicken wrapped with olive and this grill made my taste buds want more so i ended up eating 5 of them! 😛 it was served with pickle mayo and this combination was perfect! #Can’t miss this


Here’s a overview of the starters we had…! 😀


Rosemary Murg Kebab (220rs) – it a had hint of rosemary, not much impressive, i would suggest it to be more spicy and the rosemary flavor should be more revealing!


Kheema Bolognese(270rs) – The spaghetti was dry and tasteless along with a spicy kheema which had a average taste


Morney (240rs)- It was a fully filled mozzarella cheese pasta with a fine taste to it. I personally felt it should have been less bland as i could only enjoy the cheese and i couldn’t taste its original flavor.


Paneer Tikka Cannelloni (270rs) – It was a nice combination of pasta and garlic naan. the sauce used was quite yummy, recommended for paneer lovers


Chicken Cossentra (280rs) – Served with mushroom and olives the appearance was delightful but when i tasted it with mango sauce it was less spicy or should i say more of a sweet sugary preparation. I would rather suggest this Italian combo to be made spicy and add the Punjabi essence to it as such we Indians prefer spices embedded deeply in our food 🙂


Now to speak of main course… We ordered one Veg and one Non Veg Sabzi…


Dhania aur Chaaswala Gosht – It was a sour buttermilk based preparation with coriander garnishing and tender mutton which tasted good.


Baby Corn Saag Chilly (190rs)- A sabzi you’ll love to have with the spinach , baby corn blended with cream it tastes great with roti. #HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


To end this unique gastro-affair we order Masala Chaai Pannacotta which was rich in tea-flavour and quite refreshing which answers why i ate it all as soon as it came :p


Overall i had a delightful experience at Italy Via Punjab! Do visit this place!